If you are close to our values and attitude – welcome to become a part of NIKITINAS LEGAL

Are you an experienced lawyer working for a company or institution? Do you specialize in specific areas of law? Professional excellence, openness to innovation and a strong sense of responsibility are standard for you? We now offer the opportunity to join experts in the NIKITINAS LEGAL Competencies Platform.

NIKITINAS LEGAL will have the opportunity to harness your expertise to serve clients alongside the best professionals in your field, alongside your existing professional activities – further developing in a dynamic and motivating environment.

Are you an experienced business consultant, auditor, financial and / or tax professional? Understand the needs of the business community in an ever-changing environment? Offer the opportunity to join professionals working with the NIKITINAS LAW Excellence Platform.

NIKITINAS LEGAL will enable you to provide the highest standards of service, along with the best professionals in your field, in response to customer needs, with additional development in a motivating environment.

Once you have completed the application.docx, please send it to All applications will be dealt with in full confidentiality.

We also invite lawyers who are starting their careers, who are not responsible and motivated, to apply for their talents and become the best in the future.