Managing partner/Attorney

Vilius Nikitinas, PhD, is the expert of corporate and business law. He specializes in transport and logistic law, public procurement law, European Union, and competition law.
Vilius is well-known as industry-leading transport lawyer who has deep insight into the sector and unparalleled expertise in transport law. He works across the entire sector including highways and road transport, rail, aviation and marine and ports. His advice covers all aspects of transport law, from funding and operations to construction and development.
Also, he has an extensive experience advising clients – leading multinational companies on United Nation sanctions, EU sanctions and export control rules. Vilius routinely advises clients across a variety of industries in carrying out global business in compliance with export controls, economic sanctions and national security restrictions.

Vilius holds a PhD from Vilnius University (2013), and a Master of Laws from Vilnius University (2000).

Vilius holds a PhD from Vilnius University (2013), and a Master of Laws from Vilnius University (2000).

He is fluent in English, Russian, and Lithuanian.

Vilius has 20 years of experience in international business projects (including but not limited to advising international companies and individuals on the organization, conduct and security of business). Also, he represents interests of executives, board members and large companies in law enforcement agencies, public authorities, and courts.
Previously Vilius headed the Legal and HR departments in the biggest infrastructure company of the Republic of Lithuania and was an active independent board member of corporate governance.
He is the author of a numerous publications on topical legal issues, lecturer in the top EU university.